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Caribe provides experienced systems integration [hardware, software, and database]; system architecture, modeling, design, development, and analysis; software porting; system and database administration; networking; manufacturing and office automation/integration; hardware and software sales.

Caribe provides quality INTERNET, INTRANET, and WEB services to satisfy business & personal needs.

Caribe has consulted for, designed, and implemented multi-server Linux/Solaris website architectures integrating on-line retail sales, customer service, and warehousing systems (product and data).

Caribe has performed large-scale database and system recovery.

Caribe has designed, implemented, and managed large-scale data backup/recovery systems.

Caribe has designed client-server conversions from mainframe to UNIX and DOS/Windows environments.

Caribe has provided large-scale parallel database design and implementation services.

Caribe has ported large-scale applications written in C, C++, and embedded SQL from/to a variety of UNIX platforms.

Caribe has integrated databases in manufacturing test environments with TCP/IP, Novell, Windows, DOS, C interfaces.

Caribe has provided data and hardware systems modeling and analysis.

Caribe has integrated large-scale Point-Of-Sale (POS) transaction collection and analysis systems encompassing store polling, communications via satellite and TCP/IP networks, database design and administration, application modification and integration, system design and administration.


SUN, IBM Mainframe, IBM Risc Systems, IBM SP-2, VAX/VMS, HP-9000, Sequent SMP, NCR 3500/3600, Pyramid, Macintosh, Intel-based Systems (including Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, NEC, clones, and others)

Operating Environments:

UNIX, Linux, X-Windows, Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98/2000/ME, NT 3.x, NT 4.0, NT Server2000, XP, OS/2, DOS, VM, VMS, XA

UNIX Environments:

AIX, SUN/OS, Solaris, Dynix/PTX, HP/UX, Pyramid/SVR5, ATT/SVR5, Linux, SCO Server, SCO-ODT, SCO Enterprise Server, SCO Open Server, SCO Unixware

Internet/Web Services:

Web Hosting, DNS, Mail Services, Website Design/Development/Implementation, Web Graphics Design, Internet Connectivity, Network Design/Implementation, Security Analysis & Forensics, Custom scripting & function development

Software Systems (Languages and Applications):

Apache, C, C++, Oracle, Oracle Parallel Server, Sybase, Allbase, Informix, MySQL, DSI-System, Dbase, MS SQL Server, MS IIS, COBOL, APL, FORTRAN, Basic, MS Access, Veritas Volume Manager, Legato Data Management, ADSTAR Data Manager, DOS scripting, Bash/ksh, PHP and various other scripting languages

Business Associates:

ICR Systems Lift Enterprises

Partial Client List

Archer Technology Group, Inc. [TX]
(Not affiliated with Archer Technology Group, Inc. [CA])
Armstrong Chiropractic
Arthur Andersen Consulting, Inc. AT&T Global Information Solutions
Babbages Etc. Baylor University Medical Center
Career Fair Coordinators Counseling & Consulting Associates
Cyber, Inc. Cyrix, Inc.
Dial Supply & Manufacturing, Inc. Fujitsu/ICL, Inc.
Funco, Inc.
GTE Printing Services Howard Systems International, Inc.
Larry Roberts Insurance Michael's Stores, Inc.
NCR Programming Languages Corporation (PLC)
Sequent Computer Corporation Snow Corporation
Starwares Tandy, Inc.
Texas Instruments, Incorporated Texas Traders
Western Extrusions, Inc. WinCon, Inc.

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